Everyday Makeup Look for Deep/Dark Skin

Whether you have a daily skincare/makeup routine or just lean in for a quick brush up on a special occasion, there is nothing like having your “go-to” look! The one you can do in under 5 minutes.. the one you can do without a mirror. (Trust me, I know women who can lol) Yeah, that one. Here’s a quick tutorial on how I create an everyday “soft look” on deep/dark skintones. For inquiries on 1:1 tutorials visit: Bookings. Enjoy!

#EatBeautiful this summer!

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I recently read an article that really changed my perspective on the way I approached skincare. I thoroughly believed that achieving great makeup looks started with great skincare, but I know better. Truthfully, great skincare supports the appearance of great skinwhich begins and ends with optimal internal health. Yup! And so, you can create more effortless makeup looks, by investing in your diet. What's more amazing, is the fact that the same foods that we can eat to receive nutrients for our bodies, we can also use topically to heal & nourish our skin.

Check this out. Below, I spotlight a few multi-purpose fruits that your skin will love you for

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